Top of the Sierras: Mammoth Mountain

It’s my first season having a ski pass! I cannot contain my excitement every time a friend mentions an upcoming trip to the mountains. I splurged this year by getting a whole new setup at ski dazzle and buying the college season pass for 2014-15 at Mammoth Mountain. I have met some of the most incredible people here on this mountain that have grown with me as great friends, as well as reuniting with one from my childhood. I wish I could take off an entire winter and live up here in this snow paradise. Here’s a mix of the last 5 trips I have already taken this season, with much more to come! Fingers crossed by the end of the year I’ll finally be at the level I have always wanted. Just takes a little practice! Oh and a few more times boarding down the mountain in a unicorn onesie 🙂
















4 thoughts on “Top of the Sierras: Mammoth Mountain

  1. Hi Erica,
    Thanks for info the on the runs on the back of the mountain. Sorry I missed you back at the Main Lodge, I took a wrong turn off the painfully flat section. Hopefully you had an awesome weekend, with the great weather even if no onsies were involved.

    • Shaun! No problem! Bummed I lost you back there! Super cool how you found my website! I had some great rides the rest of the day, looking to head back up again for the fresh snow this weekend.

  2. I was too. Managed to get a couple more runs before braving the road out. Should be awesome for the weekend! Not sure when I’ll get back up – have Vegas, work and San Diego for the next few weeks. Checking out your SoCal, added a couple of to my plans, though one I’m keen on for the spring that I didn’t see on yours was Mt. Whitney.

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