change & new beginnings


Change is always a scary thing for most people. The fear of leaving our comfort zone, of venturing into the unknown, the fear of taking that giant leap, with hope for the best outcome. I am no stranger to change. We cross paths every few years, greeting each other with that slightly unwelcome stare. Is it that time again already? 

Pardon my absence this past month or so. Change came at the most inconvenient time. Caught me off guard, and threw me through some painful hoops. But nothing worth while is ever easy right? So I keep hearing. Let’s catch you up, shall we?

My time in the beautiful country of Deutschland is over. It was over as of the beginning of May, although at the time I had full expectations of returning. We have all heard my visa woes, so I will not venture down that path again. Clark’s job threw a curveball and our plans of leaving together this summer fell short. Long story short, he will be staying, and I was not. We made a decision that going home to California was the best plan for me. A chance for me to be with my family and go back to school. Ugh, school. The very thought of it had my stomach turning. I have done so much already, must I really go back and start all over? 

I landed in Orange County with my head in my hands. This was not what I wanted. I missed my life, I missed my friends, my apartment, and my better half. Now I had nothing. I must start from scratch. New home, new friends, new school, new job, and no better half. I have never felt more alone in my life. The pain stayed with me throughout the long nights as I cried into my pillow. The comfort and support from my family was all I had to keep me going. I couldn’t imagine what this would have been like without them. I was embarrassed to tell people why I had come home, and why I feel like I failed, but they never saw it like I did, they did not understand why I thought that this was the end. When things don’t work out, or don’t go your way it’s just life taking you on your next path. I should be very familiar with this cycle, since I encounter change every few years. Leaving home for China. Leaving home for North Carolina, and then that not working out as I planned, so on to the next chapter that was Germany. Also, I lasted two years! Much more than I expected. Went to some of the most beautiful places in the world, met some incredible new friends that I will have for life, and made countless memories with an amazing man. It took a long hard look at my life to realize that I have never failed, I have just changed paths, and that was not something to be upset about. 

With my new-found hope I am here now. I am excited to tell you about the exciting changes that are occurring every day in my life. My 25th birthday was this past Monday. Yikes, a quarter century old. I’m pretty sure that realization helped kick my ass into gear.

I enrolled in OCC, finally finishing my transfer credits so I can apply for a “big girl school” next fall (I haven’t decided which UC I will choose yet, so stay tuned.)

I was hired at one of the most beautiful hotels in California and working for one of the top hotel chains in the world. Sadly for security reasons I can not disclose the name or location. But, I can tell you that I have never been more excited to start work, and the “400 million dollar view” as they call it, is absolutely breathtaking. I do have to share something that made this process easier, and having the travel & life experience on my side made for one of my best interviews. I know I am lacking that beautiful piece of stamped paper, but not one of my future bosses wanted to hear about that. I got to revel in my glorious story of taking risks, living and working overseas, learning new languages, and seeing the world! It was incredible! I loved it so much that Hospitality Management/Travel Tourism is my new career path, and I want to work with people who have the same drive and ambition to travel the world as I do. I think I have a found a great place to start.

Next is I purchased a brand new car and I have never been more thrilled to drive! Looking at the new owner of a 2014 fully loaded, pepper white Mini Cooper! She had her first road trip last week up to the Bay Area and I think I converted a few more people to be mini lovers. šŸ˜‰

Lastly, I am going to try to find new hobbies to take up my free time. Starting with more scuba! I found a great dive shop in Laguna and some cool new friends that have shown me the ropes around the dive sites of Southern Cal. 

I hope we are all caught up now? Even though I am not living over in Germany anymore, doesn’t mean my wanderlust will fade anytime soon. It took digging up some courage to get back on this blog again, and after some quick tears I realized that this site is, and will always be, a reminder of what incredible things I have accomplished, and the wonderful people I have encountered on my journey. I should look at this blog with pride, instead of sadness, and use it to pick myself up when I am feeling low. Also, there are some great sites stateside, and I have a few short international trips planned for the near future. I want to thank each and every one of you for reading and I want to thank those who have offered support in these last few months. I love you all! 

On a smaller note, I will be starting another blog but just about life with baby Jack. I don’t want to mix my travel blog to heavily with my home life ( other than this post ) So if you want to see and watch how my adorable baby brother grows up please stay tuned as I will initially post the site up on here for you all to follow. Open for name suggestions, my favorite so far is Coffee with Jack 




11 thoughts on “change & new beginnings

  1. Wow, what a journey! Fair play to you for finding the courage to make the most of everything life throws at you – it seems like it’s all worked out! Best of luck in your new job and with your new hobbies! šŸ™‚ Linda.

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