Southern California Checklist

For as much time as I have lived in the beautiful state of California, I haven’t come close to scratching the surface of exploring her. It’s remarkable how much beauty has been sitting in my backyard all these years. Since I will be here for a few months I have made a list, hopefully not too unattainable for my short duration. But I need your help! If you have any ideas/thoughts on a place you have been/heard of/want to go please share! My checklist is inconclusive and I am open for change! Plus, some will be repeats for me, but I loved them so much I have to return and share!

Also, I should note. I am only trying to shoot for nature, parks, animals, etc. I have no plans of attending Disneyland ( been there, done that) or any other amusement parks. Also, Hollywood Blvd and the surrounding sites are a also not going to happen. I would say, and I’m sure most Los Angela’s residents would agree, that we avoid that street and it’s tourists at all costs.

So, in no order…

Catalina Island ( been a few times and I have loved it! Taking our own boat, not the shuttle, and anchoring in the harbor

Laguna Beach/Dana point whale watching (it’s blue whale season! Possibly paddle boarding to get up close and personal!)

Griffith Park Observatory ( great hike with the dog and best view of Los Angeles)

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary (preservation sanctuary for wolves! Nestled in Lucerne Valley)

Santa Barbra Vineyards ( self explanatory )

Joshua Tree National Park

La Jolla (staying next weekend!)

Kayaking/Paddle boarding Newport Harbor, Newport Beach

Balboa Island (great boutique shopping)

So what do you think?! That’s manageable right? 🙂

Being back home is incredible, I am so lucky to be able to call this place home. Also, this little guy helps! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Get outside and do something with your mother!


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